Payment information

Payment Options

We offer, in order of preference, payment by BACS, PayPal and cheque. Excluding postage charges, the minimum order that we accept is for £5 and payment by cheque is accepted only for orders of £20 or more.  

If you use BACS, you will receive instructions by e-mail including our account details.

If you use PayPal you will not have to give your credit card details to us. Although this method of payment is more expensive for us, it is more secure for you.

If you are paying by cheque, make your cheque payable to West London Prorgammes but leave the amount blank and endorse the cheque with the words "not greater than" followed by the full price of the order. Make sure that you sign the endorsement. It will not then be necessary for us to issue credit notes or stamps for small refunds, as we will be able to complete the cheque for the correct amount before we pass it to the bank.  Your order will be dispatched once the cheque has cleared.