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You can also search by competition or match type from the home page.

Guidance on Searching

The most popular search is by club. Simply type in your team name and you will be given the options of displaying the HOME programmes, the AWAY programmes or ALL the programmes.  Please be aware that we use proper team names.  For example, the system will not find "Spurs" (Tottenham Hotspur) nor "Man United" or "Manu" (Manchester United).

When a team name results in more than one team, e.g. Leicester results in two options - Leicester City and Leicester United, simply click on the team you want. Where appropriate, the programme lists include symbols in the condition and comments fields.  Simply hover the cursor over these to obtain the information. You can also click on INFO to get a full summary.

You can search for handbooks by typing in Handbook or Season Handbook as a team name.  These will be listed as Aways.

England and other internationals

England, Scotland and all other countries play at many home grounds and in tournaments, so select All programmes to see a full list of homes and neutral grounds.  You can search by Wembley Stadium or Hampden Park as well.

Advanced Searching

By going to the Home Page, you can search by competition or match type or both.  For example, select FAC and Semi-finals to get a full list of those games. Because there are so many cups, trophies and shields, we have just used the generic term in some cases.  Major competitions have been listed with the correct term, e.g. FA Trophy, FA Vase, but for minor ones you may have to look through a few "cups" as the exact competition may not be listed.

Getting in Touch

If you cannot find the team you are looking for or spot any errors in the listings, please contact us via the Contact Page.  We will be delighted to hear from you and will appreciate your help.